HOW TO BUY A Foldable Bike?

As the population of the world is growing, the space getting smaller. More people, less space. Many of us know that people have started living in small spaces instead of big mansions. Minimalism is getting popular day by day and hence the reason why people are preferring smaller areas over larger ones.

Now coming back to our original topic and that is of ‘foldable bikes’. Folding bikes are gaining attention day after day because people find it easy to commute with. Something which they can easily carry around with ease instead of worrying about its parking. With foldable bikes, you don’t have to think twice before commuting to a certain place because you will not have to worry about its safety. You can easily roam around whilst keeping it with you as it’s lighter and it doesn’t cause many inconveniences.

Normally, such foldable bikes come in variant wheel sizes and frames, the folding mechanisms, as well as gears, are also different in such foldable bikes. Each brand has its style. It all comes down to the fact that which style you prefer or which one you can afford. Below are mentioned some of the features which you can consider before buying one for yourself. These guidelines by us will help you in determining which one would be more suitable for you in your limited budget.

1- Determine Your Ride Type

One of the things which you should know first and foremost is for what reason you want to have a foldable bike? Is it just for leisure purposes or regular use? Do you want to get it for going on hilly areas or for any other purpose?
Finding out the exact reason will help you in taking a more appropriate decision. Because each foldable bike is designed differently and serves a different purpose.

2- Check the Wheel Size(s) of Your Bike

The sizes of foldable bike wheels come differently. The size ranges usually vary between 14’’-26’’. The least small size available in these is 14’ and 16’.
The size of wheels also determines the purpose of your foldable bike. The wheels are normally designed for a particular purpose. If your purpose is to ride it on hills then you will have to choose your foldable bike accordingly find out more here. If your purpose is different then wheels of foldable bike will be different too.

3- Decide Whether to Buy with Gears or No Gears

Gears or no gears is a crucial decision which many people find hard to make. Well, there is not much of a difference. However, gears give you a different experience compared to non-gears. Gears help you to maneuver easily.

4- Keeping Your Bike Maintained

Folding or non-folding, all sort of bikes needs to be maintained. Hence, the decision that you should be making is whilst buying your bike. Make sure that the spare parts of your foldable bike that you buy are available in the market. If you don’t buy such a foldable bike then keeping it maintained will become very expensive for you as you will have to buy it from other cities/countries.

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